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But what is sex on live cam for those who don’t know about it. This is really simple as it seems. It’s some boys and girls using their webcam to make a Live where they are doing sexual things. And when we say on Live, that means in real time like if you skype or face time. How does it work access to a website and just enjoy your free webcam sex chat. Yes the lives are actually free and you don’t have to pay to watch. But there is one thing you need to learn about, the tokens. You can buy tokens and use them during the live. What is it for? The tokens can be used as rewards if your satisfied by the guy on screen. Notice that when you watch free live, you watch with many other guys and maybe you won’t have to pay, there are some of them who will but, be generous! We really advise you to be generous because if a certain amount is reached, the live cammer will do an exclusivity!

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As you will see, there is a chat where you can send your sweet message and your desire! You can ask through the chat whatever if you want the guy to do something you’d like to watch. Be sure that he will see your text and you will even see him typing in real time!

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